TCT practitioner

This is the ultimate tool for anxiety, trauma, PTSD and depression, things that most people in society deal with. These are issues that rarely get resolved quickly or easily.

We’ve brought together the most sophisticated hypnotherapy tools, advanced NLP & HNLP, with new and unique tools we’ve developed over the many years. With TCT, you can create life-changing events based on real hidden resources and resolve most of the issue – if not all of it – in just one session, creating positive changes that last.

It all happens without the classical methods of hypnosis and can be performed open-eyed.

This training is everything you need to get started as a Trauma Specialist. It contains scriptless, conversational, Castorian and Power Hypnosis for use with all clients.

This training, in collaboration with Hypno Academy International, goes beyond any other regular stress / trauma release. The techniques have been developed by Martin Castor Peterson.

Who is this training for?

This training is a valuable technique for established therapists, coaches, NLP experts, but also for those who have a healthy interest without yet running a practice.

In this training you will learn powerful, straightforward and scientifically proven techniques. With the skills provided in this training, you will lead your clients to access their full potential.

You learn everything you need to start your own private practice and everything that is needed to obtain international standards and certification from our partner The Hypno Academy – your guarantee for professional training.

Another guarantee that we offer you, is a certification via ISAHt providing the security of a professional program with high standards and ethics. The Master Trainer of Hypno Academy, Martin Castor Peterson has received the IHF’s Award of Excellence for Best International Education. I was personally trained by him to teach this technique.

What are you going to learn?

You will learn everything needed to start your own practice and everything required to obtain international certification from our partners. We’re your guarantee of a professional education, and we teach these specifics:

Induction techniques– Gaining the tools to get your client in a perfect trance every time and helping them to get their full potential out of the session.

Rapport– Creating trust, authority and understanding and using the verbal and nonverbal language of your client.

Reframing– Getting resources from all negative or limited experiences and/or beliefs.

Release techniques– Obtaining physical or physiological releases for instant results that enhance the client’s ability for changework.

Powerwords –Understanding emotionally layered words to use with or against your client for more powerful results.

Pretalk & communication techniques –Leading your clients directly to cause, reason and resources without limits or false beliefs or memories.

Castorian Collapse –Releasing any trauma including PTSD and heavy memories and converting them to resources without knowing anything or taking your client into the emotions of the trauma.

Body language –Reading and influencing non verbally and exceeding what most people do – to bring that extra dynamic dimension to your sessions – and learning how to create change at any point in any conversation.

Therapeutic techniques– Learn therapeutic techniques that help you take care of 98 percent of all client problems instantly.

At the end of the course you understand how …:
* Conduct a preliminary interview* Optimal guidance of the trance induction* Apply all necessary tools* Empower your client and be of tremendous value.

Practical information

DATE: 26th and 27th June 2021 
TIMES: Every day from 9:00 am to 6:15 pm


: Around Sittingbourne, Kent. Exact Location To be confirmed

INVESTMENT: The investment for this exclusive training is £ 1257
Save £500 if you pay before June 7th 2021 and pay the best price £757. After this date, you pay the full price of £ 1257
You will only need 5 to 6 clients to recover your investment.                  
Payment in 2 parts is possible. Please indicate this when registering and I will contact you.
There is room for a maximum of 6 participants. So don’t wait too long to register, full is full.
CERTIFICATION: Upon completion, you will be ISAHt certified. ISAHt is the abbreviation for ‘The International Society of Advanced Hypnotherapists’.

With this certificate, you can also be certified by NGH, IHF, ICBCH, ACHE and IACT. The process can be done online by yourself.

REQUIREMENTS: Anyone with a passion for Personal Development and Trauma Relesase can attend this training.

PRE-COURSE: After enrolment and payment you will get access to an online pre-course.

HOMEWORK: YES, there will be homework each day during live classes.

ONGOING SUPPORT: You get permanent access to the online student forum of the Hypno Academy. There are 100 hours of video (in English) available.  Furthermore, after the training, there is follow-up in case of questions + regularly online meetings with all participants.

QUALITY TRAINING: Every day is a day of learning so there is no “big test” at the end of the course. It is my responsibility to ensure that you succeed, so I pay attention to you and your skills.
At the end of the training you will receive an ISAHt certificate from The Hypno Academy signed by Martin Castor Peterson, the man who developed the above mentioned techniques. Martin will  be present online on the 2nd day of the training for a Q&A session of 1 hour.

Deposit – £250
Pay In Full (Save £500) – £757