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Be the BOSS of your own life : How to increase self Belief

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the last few years I have discovered that one the most important things I can help my clients with is self belief, this is because once you believe in yourself, believe you deserve the best for your life then you will do whatever it takes to create Health and Happiness and will always look for solutions rather than problems in any situation.

My most successful clients never focus on what they are giving up, they focus on what they will gain at the end of their programme of working with me whether that is 21 Days, 6 weeks, 3 or 12 months.

Today I just wanted to share my top 5 tips on taking control, being the BOSS of your own life and boosting your Self Belief / Confidence.

  1. Deep breathing : practice deep breathing until it becomes a habit.  Breathe in for a count of five, breathe out for a count of 7, repeat 5 times.  Anytime you feel your self belief/confidence slipping stop and breath, this will calm and centre you and allow you to things into perspective.  Often when our thoughts start to spiral, they very quickly get out of control and a thought that starts as “I can’t do this” very quickly becomes “I’m useless I can’t do anything, why even bother to try” BUT if you can catch this at “ I can’t do this” take some deep breaths and put it into perspective you will feel better about yourself and subsequently whatever you are trying to achieve and will keep trying until you can.   Remember no one is an expert the first time they do anything – it takes hours of practice. 
  2. Acknowledge your emotions : a lot of my clients think they have to be positive all the time and that they can’t feel sad, angry or upset.  I think this is a misunderstanding of a lot of the positivity messages and can cause confusion.  We are humans and as humans we have a whole range of emotions so rather than ignoring and burying them, acknowledge them.  It is then a lot easier to let them go, to reframe and get back to a place of feeling positive and happy.  For example : you could say I’m upset / resentful / angry that I have to change my diet because I love …….. (whatever it is) BUT I acknowledge this and understand that by changing it, it will improve your energy levels and health in the long term.
  3. List your goals and ambitions : why are you doing what you are doing.  When times get tough you can focus on your goals and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.  Would you go to the airport to go on holiday without picking a destination and booking a flight first – probably not.  It’s a lot easier to get where you are going – IF you know WHERE you are going and WHY.
  4. Laugh out loud : if you find you are dwelling on the past, either a mistake you made, something that didn’t work out the way you expected and you keep beating yourself up over this, it will continuously lower your Self belief/confidence.  Find funny videos to watch on YouTube this will distract you and laughing will instantly change your mood.  You cannot smile and be grumpy at the same time – go ahead and try it now, you see it’s physically impossible to stay sad, mad or grumpy and smile at the same time.
  5. Gratitude : last but not least this is one of my favourite techniques.  Be grateful that you are in control, you are the boss of you and you have choices.  You have the choice in every moment in every situation : you can choose how you react.  Be grateful for what you do have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have.  Be grateful you can change your life IF YOU choose to.  Every single day write down 3-5 things you are grateful for.  Try this for 30 days and I promise you, your life will change.  The more you are grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful for and your Self belief/ Confidence will grow exponentially.

I really hope you try some of these techniques or all of them if you can.  They work, they have worked for me, they work for my clients and they will work for you.  The only reason why they won’t work is if you don’t do them and/or don’t do them consistently, taking a half hearted approach is not going to work.  Commit to it – what have you got to lose?  If you need help and support then join me in my FREE 5 Day Be the BOSS of Your Life programme : click here

I’d love to hear from you, which techniques you tried and how they worked for you.  If you’d like to share please do get in touch I love to hear from you and if you need help, would like to improve your health, be happier and more confident then please get in touch to find out how we can help you at Kerry’s Natural Health Solutions along with our FREE 5 Day Be the BOSS of Your Life programme : which you can find here  we do have a number of other programmes that may be a fit for you

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Meditation to Boost Productivty

as published on Watchfit

Meditation won’t necessarily make your work and life demands less demanding but it will give you the ability to see clearly so you can focus your attention on the most important tasks in any moment and this can make a huge difference to your productivity.  Rather than have an anxious brain moving from one task to another and let’s be totally honest, not doing any of the tasks effectively or efficiently,  it will help you to focus on one task at a time, complete this and move on to the next task which will boost your productivity.

If you do several tasks at one time, you can’t possibly do any of them to the best of your ability.

Researchers at the University of London have discovered that workers involved in multi-tasking experienced a sharper drop in IQ than if they had been smoking marijuana or had stayed up all night, and the more we multi-task the more we reinforce this habit of distraction.  You may do more but the quality is compromised and therefore, you are not as productive as you think you are.

The solution for this is meditation – meditation enhances focus, creativity and relaxation, daily mediation will supercharge your mind, which means you will be able to accomplish more in less time and you will have the ability to focus on a task and block out any distractions making you more effective and efficient.  The other benefits are:

  • Creativity: you can become more effective at problem-solving
  • Clears your mind to focus on one task at a time
  • Increases your energy and reduces fatigue
  • Reduces stress and procrastination
  • Let go of non-essential tasks that drain your time and energy
  • Promotes well-being which can increase motivation with everyday tasks
  • Mindfulness and awareness (being present in the moment) can help you enjoy what you are doing and when you enjoy what you are doing your productivity increases
  • New and fresh perspectives on day to day life and tasks that need to be completed


Studies show that advanced meditators have a high “mind brain development trait”. People with this trait show an eagerness to learn, are open-minded, calm and playful.  Their logical thinking and planning is enhanced and their brain resources are utilised more economically.  In simple terms people who meditate are able to focus easily and remain “in the zone” for longer periods of time.

So meditation can improve your productivity as well as your efficiency, it also reduces stress and increases focus, do you need more convincing?  By practicing mediation daily you can say goodbye to multi tasking, get everything done and be more relaxed about everything.

Personally, meditation has been life changing for me and I practice it daily, the benefits are not truly seen and understood until your start a daily meditation practice and there are many techniques you can use.  The two I use are Transcendental Meditation and The ThetaHealing® technique which is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy to create a positive lifestyle.


Finding a meditation style that works for you is essential as the more regularly you can practice the more benefits you will see.  These are two simple technique that you can try, they can be used daily and can be used anywhere.

Scanning: Sit or lie comfortably and starting with you head working down through your neck to your arms, torso, legs and feet, notice if you feel any tension and release this, relax all these areas as you work through them, relax and focus on your breath for a few minutes, before opening your eyes and becoming more aware of what is going on around you.

Focus on the Breath:  Sit comfortably and focus on our breath, notice your inhalation and exhalation, let your tension go with each breath.  When you find your mind wandering just gently bring it back to your breath.

There are a number of apps and free guided meditations; you just need to find the right way for you.  So give it a try it and see how it works for you. It can take time to build up your meditation practice but you can just start with 5 minutes a day

If you need help with finding the right way to meditate for you then I would love to hear from you.  Connect with me by clicking here and find out how I can help you with your daily meditation practice. #happyandhealthy