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Thank you so much for such an interesting talk on Health and Wellbeing and Simple Lifestyle Changes everyone really enjoyed it. Many thanks LB, Kent

We are great thank you my rash has gone, using the organic cream and keeping to the recommended diet changes , thank you so much   MH, Kent

I am feeling so much more calm and relaxed, even my friends have noticed how much more calm and level I now am.  I feel much more in control and finding it life so much easier and less stressful.  I was hesitant about hypnotherapy due to sessions in the past that didn’t help but this was so different and thank you for the nutrition advice.  Looking forward to the Collagen+ loading.  KM, Kent

I am doing really well after our first session of Hypnotherapy, my alcohol intake has reduced and I have lost weight – can’t believe it as I was rather sceptical…… lookng forward to my next appointment AC, Surrey


If you are suffering with IBS or any other debilitating issue give it a go. It achieved more in 2 weeks than a string of healthcare professionals and assorted concoctions could in 18 months. It is non-invasive, supportive, easy to use and well priced. What are you waiting for? Take the first step and talk to Kerry who will guide you through her vast knowledge and holistic approach to wellbeing.   Grab the opportunity with both hands! JD

Hi Kerry, thank you very much. I am well, sticking to my new lifestyle and feeling so much better – have more energy and don’t ache so much LM, Kent

Lost 7lb during the first week of Pure 21 – have loads more energy and can’t wait to see how I feel in 2 weeks !  MW, Kent

10 months later, my original Microbiome reset is still going strong,  still enjoying and loving food and losing weight. Lost around 7kg so far and my partner decided today to get rid of my oversized clothes……….. Got nothing left time to go clothes shopping 🙂

Thanks for all the information throughout the 21 days.  Theres has been great feed back from people about weight loss but my aim was to kick start the clean eating way of life and also to help clear up my eczema which I have developed in the last 2 years. It is pretty visible around my neck.  Long and short is that I went for facial on Friday and the beautician who have used for over 20 years commented that the eczema was slowly clearing up.  It was a sigh of relief from me…  and pretty fab news.  My energy levels also up

Finally due to some bad news this weekend today was the first day I really craved coffee however it soon passed as I started on my green shake. PP, London

Thanks for all the information throughout the 21 days.Have had great feed back from people about weight loss but as mentioned my aim was to kick start the clean eating way and also to help clear up my eczema which I have developed in the last 2 years. It is pretty visible around my neck.Long and short is that I went for facial on Friday and the beautician who have used for over 20 years commented that my neck had become patchy and the eczema was slowly clearing up.
It was a sigh of relief from me… cant say the same for my leg but it was pretty fab news.Energy levels also up

Finally due to some bad news this weekend today was the first day I really craved coffee however it soon passed as I started on my green shake.

Before starting the 90 Day Vitality Programme, I was very tired and sluggish most of the time.  Having worked with Kerry before, I was very excited about starting the programme and had no worries or concerns.  My energy levels were drastically increased by making the lifestyle changes and taking the ProAgri9+ sachets daily.  The long term results are that I’m not half as tired as I was and there is definitely a spring in my step.  I generally have more energy and feel like I want to do more with my life. Elisa, UK

I had just gone through several months of upheaval moving house and was very depleted energetically with mood swings. Often in the afternoon I would have no energy and need to sleep or I would feel constantly tired throughout the day, like a flat battery.

 I had no fears about investing in health coaching with Kerry because I had already witnessed her dedication to her own health so felt completely safe in her hands. If anyone is considering committing to working with Kerry but is not 100% sure, I would tell them that her sessions are incredible value because you you will be given a framework for health for life and access to information and guidance which is not easily available elsewhere. Yes, you will need to follow through, invest in certain products/foods and be open to changing your mindset, however the education is for life.

I followed all Kerry’s guidance, and I have even energy levels all day and into the night! I feel back to full strength. Anxiety and mood swings have gone. Additionally I have a blueprint for a much healthier life – for now and the future; a new perspective on foods which previously I thought were healthy; and loads of useful information on food preparation, suppliers and combinations.

 The level of expertise and the information shared is fantastic. Friends and family always told me I ate healthily but through coaching with Kerry I realised how much so-called ‘healthy food’ has side effects I was unaware of.  I received a detailed ‘follow up’ email after our sessions, including extra research to answer my questions and sending through additional recipes when needed

Kerry has been through her own health journey and has clearly spent a lot of time examining and questioning accepted wisdom about food. She has come up with a well-thought out plan and there is a knowledgeable explanation for every instruction, making it common sense to follow and I feel better informed and ‘set up’ for life with the practices I’ve learnt during coaching with Kerry. I feel like the foundations of my health have been attended to, and, of course, I also have my energy back – Amy, Spain

You have been such a great help and I would recommend you and your book to anyone wishing to learn and improve their lives.  You have lovely balance with the advice you offer as well. thank you – Lynne, UK.

Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing and Energy Balancing

Thank you, I’m really pleased and grinning whilst writing to you, how we have turned things around for me is fabulous and I would recommend that anyone see you no matter how far they have to travel. JO, UK

I haven’t felt such peace for a very long time, thank you.

I cant believe all it took was one session to resolve my feelings of being out of control, having been very skeptical about Hypnotherapy, I am so pleased I was recommended to you. AC, UK

Kerry, thank you so much for the remote healing.  My sister is on the mend and thank you for the healing you did for her, you are amazing!!!!, DJ, UK

Thank you Kerry Madgwick for your expertise this morning. That was one thorough Theta Healing and digging session, lady! Been feeling very chilled all day. With gratitude xx AG, Spain

Thank you, I found this very useful and the meditation quite cathartic – I will come back to this again. – JJ, UK

Feedback from Vision Workshop attendees:
I really enjoyed the workshop and particularly liked learning about the monkey mind! I loved the planning and reviewing my day and can implement this right away. Following the workshop I have started to implement some of the recommendations and feel more positive to make changes. Nicole, UK

Learning about how I talk to myself daily and being able to change this was interesting, taking small steps each day will help my make big changes in time and I loved working in a small group and finding out what my main challenging belief was, thank you so much. Gerda, UK

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and Support

Just something interesting that I have noticed……I’ve been to a party and a tea/cake afternoon recently and I actually do not even want to eat sandwiches & cakes etc any more!! I’m recognising that I feel so much better on your programme that I don’t crave the things that I used to! It’s amazing really.  Thank you for all your help and support as always – You are such a shining light to me, thank you so much for coming into my life! :-)) Denise, UK

Thank you! You’ve helped me get my life back together after a really shitty year in which I’d gained 10kg and heavy prozac usage. I’m delighted to say, as of last month, I’m off the prozac and have lost 6kg. My secret? YOU! Reading your articles daily reminds me that my health matters! I learn so much and they keep me motivated! Thank you so much for inspiring me daily! UK

Kerry is very good at introducing you to Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Meditation techniques.  I attended a 6 week course which I found very helpful. Helping to relax and fill more confident with in myself. Stella, Kent

I have been using Kerry’s services for many years. Her advice and knowledge about nutrition and how the body is affected by stress and lifestyle are proving invaluable.  She finds solutions to any health or mind problems and is supportive through the process of changing what sometimes seems impossible. Theresa, Kent

Due to unhealthy eating and drinking very little water I was feeling very sluggish – I knew something had to change but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick to it more than anything and that I would really miss the bad things but I have changed my eating habits and recognise when I am eating something that’s bad for me. I now  have more energy and my hair/skin is looking great.  Kerry’s support is second to none, always there and nothing is too much trouble. Plus you are a genius and have opened my eyes.  Will definitely do the Vitality+K 28 Day Challenge again in a few months. Elisa, UK

I had very blocked sinuses and no sense of smell (for 5 years) which started to affect my sleeping which in turn caused tiredness and feeling run down.  When I started working with Kerry, I was worried I would not have the will power to complete the course as I was going through a  stressful patch of work at the time.  Although the change of eating meant a lot of preparation I made sure I was organised with Kerry’s guidance.  Kerry was very supportive, I was able to text her and talk to her between our meetings. Our weekly calls motivated me and kept me accountable otherwise I am not sure I would have done it myself.  Kerry suggested doing mindset exercises and meditation which really helped – I was determined to do this rather than face an operation. Gradually my sinuses cleared, sleeping improved and eventually my sense of smell returned. The ENT consultant said he had never heard of that before and wanted to know what I had been doing!  Thank you for all the guidance and support. I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who is serious about improving their health. Caroline, UK

I Have just started my nutritional health journey with Kerry. It has been a brilliant start. Kerry holds me accountable, has looked at all my options and guided me on my journey. I highly recommend Kerry’s service! Already starting to feel fab! Zoe, UK

Kerry is probably most knowledgeable person I have ever met in matters of health, lifestyle and nutrition and her advice has brought Patrick back to health, from persistent ill health.  X – Monica, UK

I have been suffering from a great deal of muscle pain in my back and shoulders for the past 4 years, and have found it more an more difficult to do things like gardening. It has been extremely debilitating, and found my life closing down.

After speaking to Kerry about the problem, she suggested I take magnesium, which I have been doing for the past month. I have found the pain has diminished, I am in less pain, and I am more able to do things I would not have attempted before.’- Wendy, UK

Kerry was extremely supportive and encouraging in a caring manner and I felt she was able to tailor the programme to my individual needs. I felt supported and accountable each and every day and didn’t feel silly to ask any questions. The programme was Very effective, easy to maintain and use and to fit into your lifestyle if you are willing to make the necessary changes. It makes a lot of sense. It is amazing how different you feel and by just making small changes you see a massive difference, I’ve got so much more energy, I no longer get bloated and I’ve lost weight. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their energy and make a long term change not just another diet – and people with health issues who have tried everything. Thank you Kerry, you are amazing and have changed the way I look and think about food, Katy, UKkerrys success story image 1

Hi Kerry, I just wanted to say thankyou very much for the information and the relaxation track. I am very grateful, it is hard to obtain any reliable information about IBS.  My bloating is less, diarrhoea gone, and my stomach quiet (you used to be able to hear it over the TV it was so loud!) with thanks

I have been trying for what seems like forever to lose weight after my 4th baby 11 months ago. I was under the impression my diet wasn’t too bad and could not understand why I could not lose weight. I have an under active thyroid and knew with this I would have to work extra hard and eat very little. However since joining this group and all the advice I have discovered my diet was not up to scratch. I never ate breakfast. Rarely ate lunch. Was tired. Suffered mood swings. Also had diarrhea everyday for 13 years. A mystery to the doctors. Anyway this week I have taken on board what I have learnt and the support and behold my toilet troubles have ended. I am as regular as clockwork. I am also sleeping a lot better. Getting about 7 hours as apposed to 3 or 4. I am determined to continue this healthy lifestyle. Eat great and feel brilliant. Right now I feel I could take on the world. Ha ha. So thank you, Denise, UK

The biggest noticeable difference for me is that my knees no longer hurt coming down stairs. The inflammation has decreased considerably and they no longer burn – I have been in pain fof 23 years. I have to grudgingly admit there is something to this detoxing and way of eating – Grace, UK

I have been working with Kerry for just over a week as work was getting busier and I really needed to increase my energy levels. In just a week my energy has increased by over 50%, I feel better and I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the healthy options Kerry has given me. I didn’t think I was eating that unhealthily but Kerry has helped me understand that I was not always making the best choices. The changes I have made have been easy with Kerry’s support and she is always energetic, enthusiastic, and helpful! After three week I am really surprised at how easy this has been and I don’t want to go back to my old way of eating – my fridge and cupboards are now stocked with what I now understand are healthy foods. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I started out that this was not sustainable for me but I feel great, I have lost weight and now I know I can keep this up as a lifestyle change and not just another fad diet – Steve, UK.

Amazing, I didn’t realise your body could be in such an acid state and that it could effect you in so many ways. I am now very committed to doing this, I’ve already kicked out the gluten, I am changing my diet and haven’t fallen off the wagon yet! I need the juicer to go a step further, and I know this will change things again, I can’t wait and I am going to get my whole family doing this – Sonia, Essex.

Thank you so much for your help – in three months I have got my diabetes under control and I am off all of my medication. Before I started working with you I was told that I could not cure my diabetes through my diet and I was given many different medications to take but I no longer need any of these and I am controlling my diabetes through my diet – thank you one again for helping me through a very stressful time.    My initial reservations were that the diet changes I would have to make would be complicated and difficult to follow but working with you helped me realise the changes I needed to make were not as difficult as I first thought.  My best result is that I am off all medication and I have been able to take control of my health – thanks again

Peter, Kent

timVery informative, simple and relevant – thank you!  All the information I received was very well written and easy to understand and you helped me understand the importance of what I eat and how it affects my health. I feel the advice and information I received was invaluable, and I appreciated the follow up on my progress.  The long term benefits I have gained are the specific foods that I need to include in my diet and what to avoid and I would recommend anyone with anyone with any health concerns as I now understand that eating the correct foods can improve your health significantly – and it’s easy! I always though it would be too complicated.

– Tim, Australia

I knew that food must have some part to play in my health and it was very helpful and interesting to find out about the benefits and disadvantages of different foods/drinks. I appreciated the help with recipes for making quick, easy and healthy lunches and dinners. Thank you for being honest and considerate of my needs – my biggest challenge was fitting the changes around my lifestyle and although I personally still find this a challenge I do know what I need to do

lorraineKerry has a vast experience in natural healing – I went to her for advice on weight, diabetes, menopause, shoulder pain and various other ailments. All the products and treatments including a meal plan were invaluable and have definitely solved all the issues l had. I felt that Kerry had a definite interest in my issues and the benefits of her advice were immediately apparent. The coaching and products I received were fantastic and Kerry is top drawer in following up in the advice that she has given me as well as offering alternative treatments, methods in dealing with those issues that have not yet been resolved.

I love Kerry’s natural, sensible and logical thinking when approaching any issues and she really takes a personal interest in you , which helped making me feel relaxed and able to confide in her

Lorraine, Kent

nettyI worked with Kerry for a short while as I needed to lose weight and get fit to pass the police shuttle run. Kerry has helped me learn to enjoy the fitness and encouraged me to carry it on but I still struggle to follow a healthy eating plan. Kerry is always available for advice and she keeps me on track reminding me of the goal! Kerry has given me the confidence in myself to start to change my life for the better and she is always energetic, enthusiastic, helpful! If you want a bespoke programme for fitness, dietary or health requirements, I can highly recommend working with Kerry

Netty, Kent.

Thank you Kerry Madgwick for your expertise this morning. That was one thorough Theta Healing and digging session, lady! Been feeling very chilled all day. With gratitude xx

*All psychological and therapeutic treatments require a commitment to the programme and a willingness to engage fully with the process. The testimonials are all true and reflect the experience and opinions of the writers. They are provided to illustrate what is possible. Every client is different and results may vary.












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