Spring is on its way, Summer has to be my favourite season but Spring comes a very close second and this is because to me it is all about new beginnings, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions I set my intentions in the Spring, and for me this is all about Spring Cleaning not just our homes, but our lives – a time to reflect, and a good time to think about minimizing our toxic exposure and actively taking steps to detoxify our bodies.

Today, I want to share a few quick tips on how to reduce your toxic burden:

  1. Eat whole, real foods, especially cruciferous veggies like broccoli, bok choy and kale to increase your body’s ability to detoxify. Choose foods that are high in antioxidants like dark, green leafy veggies and berries and add in garlic and onions which will also help your body to detox.
  2. Avoid plastics 100%: Plastics leach toxins and chemicals into your food and water.  Use stainless steel water bottles and glass containers to store leftovers. Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, install a filter at home.
  3. Detox your cleaning: use natural and simple products. Vinegar and baking soda can be used to clean your kitchen, adding in essential oils such organic defence  to protect from harmful bacteria.  Think about your skin care products, did you know that 90% of products used in the in skincare industry come from the petroleum industry…………….. they strip your skin of essential moisture and ultimately add to the ageing process.  Find out how you can purify, fortify and protect your skin, repair the healthy function of your skin with botanicals
  4. Stop eating mercury: Choose organic fruits and vegetables to minimize environmental toxin exposure.  Mercury it toxic to your central nervous system and is a neurotoxin.  Toxins in your food and environment also contribute to weight gain and weight loss resistance.
  5. Exercise and sweat: Exercising and sweating help rid your body of toxins, so keep dancing.
  6. Take high-quality supplements to support detoxification including zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex, as well as special glutathione-boosting compounds such as antioxidants and improve digestive function to rid your body of the toxins
  7. Get chelated: Nutritional therapy with heavy metal chelators can lower mercury, lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals. You’ll want to work closely with a Clinical Nutritional Therapist if you suspect heavy metals are an issue.  Our Pure 21 Programme is a great start to detoxifying heavy metals.
  8. Address toxicity in your home. Use diffusers with essential oils rather than toxic air fresheners and if you suspect mould consult an expert to remove these safely.
  9. Toxic feelings: these can build up from low self-confidence, frustration with goals you haven’t pursued or total discontent in your career path? At Kerry’s Natural health Solutions we help you with changes to your diet and lifestyle but it doesn’t stop there we believe in a holistic approach and we help you find strategies for greater happiness, motivation and success.

I hope these detox tips help you Spring Clean life for yourself and your family. Combining a whole-foods diet with healthy lifestyle choices and a less toxic environment will start your journey to vibrant, long-lasting wellness.  If you want to ditch the toxicity of unhappiness and make your life what you really want it to be contact us to find out how we can help!