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Keep the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with you at all times. From self-care to kitchen tips, yoga and meditation secrets, and herbal tips and tricks, the Ayurveda Summit could wonderfully change your life.


Yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, doctors and those who want to tap into the deep wisdom of Ayurveda will benefit from The Ayurveda Summit. Furthermore, understand the full scope of Ayurveda in the East and the West for yourself and your business, from the root wisdom all the way through to its modern application. Join in the modern, online conversation about this ancient healing wisdom from November 9-16.

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 This Ayurveda Summit will provide you with what you need to:

  • Drastically improve self-care & lower stress/anxiety
  • Get your sleep & bodily rhythms back on track
  • Boost self-confidence & navigate relationships with ease
  • Dramatically slow your aging process
  • Apply Ayurveda to your life and/or business immediately
  • And much more!


Here are a few of the incredible experts:

  • Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurveda: The Science is Life, the Practice is Love
  • Dr. Robert Svoboda, The Grace of the Guru on the Ayurvedic Path
  • Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Living Ayurveda into the Future for Westerners
  • Dr. John Douillard, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healthy Living

With 20+ additional presenters sharing their expertise about Ayurveda, this invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for men and women everywhere!

Better yet, if you register today, you’ll have access to the following F REE GIFTS as soon as you register!

  • Expert Talk #1: Tour Your Gut + Explore Your Hunger for a Joyful Belly by John Joseph Immel
  • Expert Talk #2: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healthy Living by John Douillard, DC, CAP
  • Digestive Wellness: Ayurveda & Functional Medicine Video Lecture with Eric Grasser, MD, CAy
  • Intro to Ayurveda Video for Yoga Students with Cate Stillman
  • What is My Constitution? 90-minute Workshop by Cate Stillman

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You definitely want the wisdom of Ayurveda with you at all times!



Toxins and Health

Did you know that women absorb an estimated five pounds of chemicals a year just from the makeup they use!

This toxicity adds to the toxic burden placed on our bodies and is one of the reasons at Kerry’s Natural Health Solutions that we recommend cleansing with the seasons. As we move from autumn into winter it is an ideal time to cleanse to prepare the body for winter, you know how you feel a little more sluggish in the winter, as the days get colder and darker A cleanse helps to boost your energy, put that spring in your step and keep you active and dancing all winter long, avoiding the dreaded winter weight gain!

We face numerous problems with toxins in our environment and it becomes very important that we support the body as it takes extra nutrients to help break down these toxins and eliminate them from the system, all the additional toxins we’re exposed to put an extra burden on the body’s nutrient reserves and when we are bundled up during the winter and not getting enough sunlight and fresh air there is an added burden on the body. 

There are two kinds of toxins the body has to eliminate:

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