Be Proactive – Not Reactive : A common Cause of Bloating

A common cause of Bloating is a ‘Leaky Gut’

The gut has many functions that it perfoms:

  • It is repsonsible for digesting our food
  • Part of the diegetsion process is breaking down and absorbing tiny food particles to be converted into energy
  • Vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the gut lining into the blood stream
  • It helps to detoxify the body
  • The gut contains antibodies that act as the first line of defense against infections

So lets explore what happens with ‘Leaky Gut’ ………………..the lining of the gut becomes damaged and ends up looking like an old jersey with holes in it as oposed to a new jersey where all the stitches are tight and close together, when these holes become larger bacteria, toxins and food leak into the body and this creates inflammation and damage and disrupts the optimal functioning of the system.

The large food particles are foreign to the body’s defense system, so the immune system goes on alert and attacks them, resulting in the production of antibodies against once harmless foods and this then leads to food sensitivities, and following on from this essential minerals and vitamins are not broken down and absorbed into the body causing furhter issues and weakening the immune system, as the body is not receiving the nutrients it needs and we can end up with vitamin and more detrimental mineral deficiencies.

The next step is that the gut is inflamed, it si not able to break down and absorb food and nutrients properly and this leads to FATIGUE and BLOATING. The bodies detox pathways are compromised, which results in chemical sensitivities and the liver becomes overburdened as it finds it difficult to handle everyday chemicals and toxins and the body is not able to ward of bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites……… and so the cyle goes and it turns into a vicious circle.

The increased toxic load on the body has the effect of making the nervous and immune systems hypersensitive and this could lead to autoimmune problems.

 So what causes a leaky gut?

There are many factors that can increase the permeability of the intestinal wall such as processed foods, alcohol and caffeine, prescription medication especially antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, over the counter medication, antacids, food additives, refined carbohydrates (suagr and flour) and stress.

The symptoms of leaky gut are many and varied and include: abdominal pain, heartburn, insomnia, bloating, anxiety, gluten intolerance, malnutrition, muscle cramps and pains, poor exercise tolerance and food allergies. In fact all those that are symptoms of IBS.

In my next post, I will be sharing some ideas on how you find relief.

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